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Founded in 1987 by a group of professionals of the hair-care industry, Itely Hairfashion was born with the intent to present to the professional hair-care market high standard products that were able to combine Italian taste with a definite international vocation.
The brand itself identifies the all-Italian origin of the Company as well as the color nuances, always aligned to the latest fashion trends and recalling both the Renaissance Red Florentia nuances and the fragrances of the warm Mediterranean summer.
The company quickly developed as an industrial and productive reality and starting from 1990, it rapidly succeeded in becoming a primary company both in Italy and abroad; it is now well known as the standard-bearer of a tasteful, elegant and top quality “made in Italy”.
All over the 5 continents, the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) has been the same: offer the hairstylists from all over the world the proper instruments to show up the beauty and the elegance of women in a natural way while respecting the different cultures and traditions of each country.
Today, thousands of people are involved in the Itely Hairfashion project all over the world.
In particular some productive and commercial branches, such as U.S.A., Brazil, U.K., Spain, Belarus and China are direct participants in the company profit sharing structure.
Itely Hairfashion has always been oriented to the constant research of new formulations, to the continuous development of innovative technologies and to accurate quality controls. All raw materials have a non-animal origin and a special environmental consciousness has been developed through the years.
Today, more than ever, Itely Hairfashion develops both high quality products and educational/communicational projects, specifically defined to offer the hairstylists from all over the world up-to-date education, with the aim to become their stable reference.
Every new step has always been moved by a philosophy that is based on the will to offer to the hairstylists all over the world, products and projects that are especially designed for them.
The undertaken initiatives range from furniture, professional accessories, technical equipment and educational meetings addressed to sales agents and aiming to “turn” them into hairstylist global consultants.



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